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Sailboat Selection Process

Sailboat Sketch_002_158x170Assuming that Living Aboard is the target, which sailing boats make the best candidates? I have heard many debates on the subject and I have read many-many more. Like everything in life, I do believe is a matter of preferences, priorities and, of course, capabilities. Although not exclusively, the later refers mostly to the financial means since anyone’s preferences and priorities may not be aligned with the capabilities to make it happen. Continue reading Sailboat Selection Process

Sailing Introduction

Sailboat_Sketch_001_343x662I guess this is introduction time! To start with, let me declare that I do not possess much sailing experience (just somewhat less than 1.000nm, over the last 3-4 years) while I fall into the “Dreamer” category, of becoming a boat owner in a 5-year time frame, living aboard / sailing-away with my family. There is a pretty solid plan towards this goal, thus looking forward towards the year 2020 to come for moving aboard (…hoping without planning is just wishful thinking and nothing more!). Continue reading Sailing Introduction