Sailing Introduction

Sailboat_Sketch_001_343x662I guess this is introduction time! To start with, let me declare that I do not possess much sailing experience (just somewhat less than 1.000nm, over the last 3-4 years) while I fall into the “Dreamer” category, of becoming a boat owner in a 5-year time frame, living aboard / sailing-away with my family. There is a pretty solid plan towards this goal, thus looking forward towards the year 2020 to come for moving aboard (…hoping without planning is just wishful thinking and nothing more!).

About this Blog, I thought it might be a good idea to put the plan itself along with the relevant info/data in a public place for sharing with think alike “Dreamers”! Sharing the plan is one part of the equation, having the chance of interfacing with the wider sail community is yet another. There is always someone with already accumulated experience, there is always someone with a higher skillset and, last but not least, there is always someone wiser, while there are people out there with the full-pack of the Experience, Know-How and Wisdom. These, and all the others in between, are the people I aspire to hearing from, sharing with the sailing society. Thus, this Blog came to life, with a name thought to be representative of its audience, Sail 4 U ! (

IT technology is nice and powerful nowadays, giving us the luxury of multiple communication means. For this, since the Blog itself is more of a one-way communication, with commenting not making the best of interaction potential possible, a Forum has been established for being able to debate over any related – or not so sometimes! – points raised. Thus, this is to be the platform for all members to be able to have full flexibility in exchanging their Experiences, Know-How and Wisdom, of course!

Let me close this introduction with a commitment for more articles to be published hereby related to sailing, cruising, yachting, boating or whatever wording represents the concept better for you! I am looking forward to hearing from you in the Forum.

Kind Regards,

//Aeon (